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Fraktur Wedding Design Certificate - Colored by plaidsandstripes Fraktur Wedding Design Certificate - Colored by plaidsandstripes
Empty Line Art Version:
Fraktur (Pennsylvania Dutch / German Folk Art) in Wedding theme. Hand drawn and colored, but electronically censored. Last names removed. Date (left heart), Month (right heart), and year (bottom) removed.

Based on images of old Fraktur certificates and poems. Tree/vines in heart shape was common in wedding and birth certificates. Everything (except the birds' tails) was based on other Fraktur designs - but remixed. It was easy to notice repetitive trends in the flowers, birds, and vines. I just used those same 'rules' to create my stuff. This is completely original, nothing is exactly replicated, so there may be 'inaccuracies' that I incorporated by accident. But, hey, it's folk art, - so I can so whatever I want, right? The more modern Fraktur seemed to be cleaner, more symmetrical, and simplified or you could say 'minimalistic.' The older stuff is more crazy with random swirly bits; unsymmetrical and 'not-stylized.' I don't know if that's an accurate description, but it was the impression I got. This turned out ... maybe "3/4 oldish and 1/4 newish" -looking? I couldn't really find a good resource that described the history, 'rules,' or trends of fraktur.

Black pen on cardstock. Colored with markers, pen. Scanned and edited to erase personal details.

 If you'd like to use this design for something, let me know. I could give you the original scan (better quality, names removed) to work with. Do not use this image with the names still there. I also have a scan of the black and white version before coloring. You can use that If you can't wait for me to get back to you, you must delete the complete names off of what you use. You can Google fraktur fonts for examples of lettering. Credit me with a link back to this DA piece.
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August 11, 2012
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